Ta’Assuraat Araz

Qardan Hasana Saved Me From Interest

I own a printing press wherein I require multiple machines. On 14, August 2002, we purchased a machine by taking an interest-bearing loan from Gwalior (M.P). We had planned to start the machine the next day, but due to the breakout of riots, all our machines – computers, printers, ect. were robbed.

After a week, the city went back to normal and we tried to start the machine, but for no apparent reason, it would not work. We tried to fix it and even called in professionals but none of them could understand the workings of the machine.

Finally, after 5 years we were forced to sell the machine. Our purchase price was 1,50,000/- and was exchanged for a mere 30,000/-with a dealer in Indore. One year later, we purchased a new machine from Mumbai by taking Qardan Hasana. Today, with the Dua Mubarak of Aqa Maula (TUS), my business is well set and more importantly, free and clear of interest.

The Farmaan of al-Quran al-Kareem and Khushi of Huzurala TUS

As per the farmaan of al-Quran al-Kareem and khushi of Huzurala TUS, I gave Qardan Hasana in Husain Scheme even though I could barely make ends meet. One day, a friend asked whether I would like to go to Karbala for the ziyarat of Imam Husain SA, as I had not been there even once. I replied that I was incapable of managing the expense. My friend said that he would provide for me and give me Qardan Hasana for a long period if I wanted to go. Of course, I agreed! It is one’s niyyat–not the sum of money–that counts while giving Qardan Hasana or doing any deed for that mattter.

Niyaaz in Shehrullah

I wanted to do niyaaz in Shehrullah and placed the potential niyaaz amount as Qardan Hasana in Husain Scheme for a period ending in the following Shehrullah. I was of the opinion that once Sherullah came, I would withdraw the Qardan Hasana amount and utilise it for niyaaz as per my niyyat. Sherullah arrived and I performed niyaaz. But to my astonishment, such was the turn of events, that Idid not have to withdraw even a single penny from the Qardan Hasana amount I had placed in Husain Scheme. How can this be explained? It is definitely manifold barakat of giving Qardan Hasana.

Farzando ni Shaadi ma Barakat

Two years prior to my childrens’ wedding, I had planned to open a recurring bank account in which I would collect my savings every month to help with the expense when the time came. Before I could do so, I heard Aqa Moula TUS bayan and thought, Why not give this monthly sum in Hussain Scheme and gain sawaab and barakat? If I happen to need it before the wedding I can easily collect the amount then. So I began to do just that. It was with this barakat I had gained that it turned out that when the time came for the wedding, I didn’t need the funds at all! To this day, I continue to ada Qardan Hasana in Husain Scheme and have yet to collect my funds.