Qardan Hasana Saved Me From Interest

I own a printing press wherein I require multiple machines. On 14, August 2002, we purchased a machine by taking an interest-bearing loan from Gwalior (M.P). We had planned to start the machine the next day, but due to the breakout of riots, all our machines – computers, printers, ect. were robbed.

After a week, the city went back to normal and we tried to start the machine, but for no apparent reason, it would not work. We tried to fix it and even called in professionals but none of them could understand the workings of the machine.

Finally, after 5 years we were forced to sell the machine. Our purchase price was 1,50,000/- and was exchanged for a mere 30,000/-with a dealer in Indore. One year later, we purchased a new machine from Mumbai by taking Qardan Hasana. Today, with the Dua Mubarak of Aqa Maula (TUS), my business is well set and more importantly, free and clear of interest.