Udaipur Husain Scheme Planning & Training

All four Mohallahs from Udaipur came together to plan for the betterment of mumineen and growing Husain Scheme and Qardan Hasana in their own mauze.

Fakhri Qardan Hasana Trust Training Program

Fakhri Qardan Hasana Trust holds an annual meeting to discuss the betterment of mumineen.

Committee members also underwent training for Husain Scheme administration and growth.

Husain Scheme Seminar Sagwara

A seminar conducted in Sagwara for Qardan Hasana, on the focus for monthly participation by mumineen. Discussions over regular participation took place and Qardan Hasana Philosophy was cleared among mumineen. Benefits of economic development under Qardan Hasana were also spoke about to mumineen.